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a wer si ku sabujiekete katong taimu

My best Friend Li Yan,my best friend,is my classmate. She has big eyes. Her long hair is often plained.Sweet smile is often on her face,which makes her more lively. LiNan is very clever.She is good at her school subjects. She has won the school

school subjects学校科目双语对照例句:1.My school subjects are so boring this year. 而且今年我们学校开的课程也太乏味了.

I am a middle school student.I like all my school subjects.In these subjects that I learn every day I think maths is the most difficult,Chinese is the most easy.And I like English best.I study very hard because I want to be a translator when I grow up.I was a

In our school ,we learn many subjects. There are about eight subjects. They are Chinese, English, maths, History, Physics, Art ,music and PE. Most of us like PE,Music and some other subjects. Boy students like learning Masths and Physics while

Unit1 Our school subjects二. 词组1. our school subjects我们的学校课程 2. welcome back to school欢迎回到学校3. me too. 我也是.4.our new timetable 我们的新课程表5. Music and Science 音乐和科学 6.go to the playground 去操场 7. what

Requirements with no less than 80 wordsKey: I was a lively girl, in a small class 1 grade 5 iron schools. In elementary school, we have many courses, I think mathematics is very boring, the language is very simple, English is very interesting. I like

Requirements with no less than 80 wordsKey:I was a lively girl,in a small class 1 grade 5 iron schools.In elementary school,we have many courses,I think mathematics is very boring,the language is very

subjects[英]['sbdkts][美]['sbdkts]n.主题( subject的名词复数 );话题;主语;学科v.提交( subject的第三人称单数 );使经受;使遭受;使服从双语例句1.

教材“新目标英语”用的是英语还是美语?解:是美语,以前有学过,来英国后发现单词不是那么一回事.买哈7英还是美?解:偏向英版的,有两本都是在英国买的,美版只是换个皮面与单词拼写罢了,内容都一样,还没看过哈利波特带插图的,but whatever;英国人比较真正瞧得起的国家是美国和日本,当然也听british说过stupid american.)

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