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to Bring Down造句

He'll need help to bring the computer down.他需要人帮忙才能把那台电脑搬下去.

They bring in more fertile soil. 它们带来更肥沃的土地. The dealers finally brought the price down to a reasonable figure. 商人们终于把物价压低到合理的程度.

Please send someone to bring down my baggage. 请派人把我的行李拿下去. She wanted to keep him from smoking . 她想不让他抽烟. The doctor prepared to prescribe a receipt. 医生准备开个药方. I would rather stay at home. 我宁愿待在家里. Hunters like to use dogs to flush the rabbits out. 猎人喜欢用狗把兔子驱赶出来. 满意的话 望采纳

bring a relationship to its knee

You must bring your homework to school tomorrow

They settled down to their work.

Please take down the books from the shelf. 请把书从架上取下来.The policeman took down all particulars of the accident. 警察把事故的所有细节都记录下来了.She took down the speech in short hand. 她用速记法把演讲记了下来.

1.my car broke down on my way home,so i cound't get home on time.我的车在半路抛锚了,所以我无法按时到家.2.the gate was broken down by some destroyers.大门被一些破坏者砸烂了.3.her telephone had broken down so that i cound't get through.她的电话已经坏了,所以我无法打通.

she brought luke to the hospital. 她把鲁克带到医院.

We were late because our car broke down.He broke down when he heard the news.解释:我们来晚了,因为我们的汽车抛锚了.解释: 他一听到这个消息就哭了起来.参考资料 牛津大学出版.英汉双解词典.北京:商务印书馆,2011

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