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There is an apple on the desk.There are some people in the river.There is my coat.There are 7 books on the shelf.There are 30 sheep.…有个可以套用的:There are/is some/a/an ____ over there.你把名词填在空格里就行了,分清是单数还是复数.

1 . - are there some flowers in the park? - yes, there are. 2. -is there a book on your desk? - no, there isn't. 3. - are there a lot of people in the street? - yes, there are.

1. there are no2. how many ;are there3. are there any4. there will be5. a teacher;many students6. many students;a teacher7. an eraser;some pencils8. some pencils;an eraser

there be结构的基本句式为: “there be +某物/某人+某地/某时”, 表示“某地/某时有某物/某人”.其中 there是引导词, 没有实际意义,主语是be后面的名词, be要随着其后主语的人称和数的不同而选用不同的形式.在“there be +主语……

否定就直接在be后面加上not 就可以了.比如There are some apples. 否定是There are not any apples.there is a bird in the tree.否定是there is not a bird in the tree.疑问句直接吧 be 提到句子的最前面就可以了,一上面的为例are there any apples? yes, there are. /no, there are not.is there a bird? yes, there is. /no, there is not.

1、there be + 主语 + 状语 * There is something wrong about it. 有点不大对头. * There is no criticism there. 没有可非难的行为(表示“这并不是故意的行为”时可以这样说). * Are there through trains for there? 有到那里的直达车吗? * There

1 There is a basketball under the desk!2 There are some pens and pencicls in the pencilbox.3 There is a library in the shcool.4 There are five girls on the playground.5 There was a lake in this town.6 There were several buildings behind my house.7

There be句型的基本用法是表示“某地(或某时)存在有某人(或某物),而并非某地(某人、某物或某时)拥有什么东西”,其形式为“There be+代词或名词(短语)+地点/时间状语”(其实质句式为倒装句)这里there是引导词,没有词义

There be 结构主要用以表达"某处(某时)有某人(某物)",其基本句型为"There be + 某物或某人 + 某地或某时",其中there 是引导词,没有词义;be是谓语动词;"某人或某物"是句子的主语;"某地或某时"作句子的状语,多是介词

There seems to be something wrong with you today. What's the matter? 你今天看上去像是生病了,哪儿不舒服? There used to be an old tower here.这儿曾经有一座旧塔. There appears to be a hammer in the box. Go and find it yourself.盒子

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