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Intolerable [in'tlrbl] 无法忍受的,难耐的 Authority ['θ:riti] 权利,权威,官方,专家,权威人士 Sustainable [s'steinbl] 养得起的,可忍受的,可持续的,合理利用的

sustainable音标:英-[s'stenb()l]美-[s'stenbl]释义:adj. 可以忍受的;足可支撑的;养得起的;可持续的

ad/ja/cent:爱的/这诶/森特(重音在最前面); vi/ci/nity:维C/你替(重音在最前面); sus/tain/able:撒死/特诶音/拿啊不哦 (重音在最前面).

= 把音标放上面会乱码的~LC(low carbon) 低碳生活Arbor Day 植树节

1. people 英['pi:pl] 美[pipl] 2. n. 人,人类;居民;人民;种族 3. vt. 居住于,布满;使住满人,在…殖民;把动物放养在 4. 第三人称单数:peoples;过去分词:peopled;名词复数:peoples;现在分 5. [例句]The people develop sustainable livelihoods.6. 灾区人民自我发展可持续的民生.

Along with the deepening of the concept of sustainable development in the global scope, a positive response and other parts of the world, the sustainable development of

“西部大开发” Development of the West Regions 可持续发展 sustainable development

Chinese Academy of Sciences Mars Scientific Development Research InstituteSustainable development Research Center of China and U.S

Rio de Janeiro [英][ri(:)uddniru][美][riodenro, di-, ridner] 里约热内卢(巴西港市,州名); Reaffirming the outcome document, entitled “ the future we want ”, of the united nations conference on

Hainan Province, according to "build an international tourist island" of the call, and the protection of ecological environment and the importance of eco-tourism development, while promoting the economic development of urban and rural areas of

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