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There are many subjects in our school.Chinese,math,English,history and soon.For me I like music best .Do you know why?Because I think music is very relaxing,and our music teacher is very funny.Manybody in our class like her very much.And I like

we'll have classes in a place like a garden.没有人会不喜欢这些食品. 我真的希望这不只是一个梦想, because we will choose the food we like. if it is a dream. and we will have p. there will be many plants in the school. we'll go outside and do

选C are 因为主语是The subjects

In our school ,we learn many subjects.There are about eight subjects.They are Chinese,English,maths,History,Physics,Art ,music and PE.Most of us like PE,Music and some

i'd like to tell you something about the out-of-class activities in our school. we usuallydo activities from 4:50 . to 5:50 . every day. we often have some sports on the playground. some students like basketball and football. other students like other

选b 用最高级强调了英语这门学科的重要性.这句话的意思是英语是我们学门学校最重要的学科之一.

I am a middle school student.I like all my school subjects.In these subjects that I learn every day I think maths is the most difficult,Chinese is the most easy.And I like English best.I study very hard because I want to be a translator when I grow up.I was a

the changes in our school--我校的变化 i have been in this school for five years. in the past five years, quite a few changes have taken place here. on one side of the road, there is a new classroom building. on the other side, where was the

B. the most

B 试题分析:句意:英语是我们学校的最重要学科之一.短语one of +形容词最高级形式.Important最高级形式是加上the most.故选B.

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