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science的中文翻译是科学、理科.science 英 [sans] 美 [sans] n.科学;理科;学科;技术,知识 扩展资料1、He has developed an interest in science. 他对科学发生了兴趣.2、Science and technology have made major changes to

就是指科学 科学家就是scientist

sans]n. 科学; 技术,知识; 学科; 理科【网络释义】科学; 学; 科技; 科学杂志

science,英 [sans] 美 [sans] 读音 science 英 [sans] 美 [sans] 解释:n. 科学;理科;学科;技术,知识 复数形式:sciences 例句:1. The best discoveries in science are very simple. 最伟大的科学发现都非常简单. 2.



science 英 ['sans] 美 ['sans] n. 科学;技术;学科;理科 n. (Science)人名;(英)赛恩斯


IBM公司苏黎世研究实验室, 8803 Rüschlikon ,瑞士.The bistability in the position of the two hydrogen atoms in the inner cavity of single free-base naphthalocyanine molecules constitutes a two-level system that was manipulated and probed by

Our school organized all the Senior 2 students to visit China Science and Technology Museum in 19th October 2011. The museum exhibited many ancient and contemporary exhibitions, and there was 4D movie displayed.The students visited

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