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Requirements with no less than 80 wordsKey: I was a lively girl, in a small class 1 grade 5 iron schools. In elementary school, we have many courses, I think mathematics is very boring, the language is very simple, English is very interesting. I like


different people like different subject.when i was a child.my sisiter often speaks some english words to me .the words sound good and i love them.after i went to school.i study english very hard and get good grades.so,i fall in love with it.i often have

our 英 [a] 美 [ar] school 英 [skul] 美 [skul] subjects 英 ['sbdekts; 'sbdkts] 美 ['sbdkts] 请采纳

英文;There are seven subjects at school.中文;在学校有七门学科.

school subjects学校科目

co-educational 男生女生都有1、Do you think that the disciplines in girls ' school are better than co - educational school ? why您是否认为女子学校的校风要比男女混校的好?为什么2、The subjects were senior secondary students from boys " schools , girls " schools and co - educational schools被试为澳门男校、女校及男女校的高中学生.

This is Li Hua, do well in Beijing xinhua middle school, it's time to finish my middle school soon, so I'd like to Columbia to learn computer science. And I'm interest in English, network

my favourite subject is english.since i enter primary school,i learn english everyday. as far as i'm concerned,learning english is essential for us.when we meet with foreigh friends,we are able to speak with them in english.when we are abroad,we can

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