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In our school ,we learn many subjects.There are about eight subjects.They are Chinese,English,maths,History,Physics,Art ,music and PE.Most of us like PE,Music and some

I am a middle school student.I like all my school subjects.In these subjects that I learn every day I think maths is the most difficult,Chinese is the most easy.And I like English best.I study very h

school subjects学校科目双语对照例句:1.My school subjects are so boring this year. 而且今年我们学校开的课程也太乏味了.

Requirements with no less than 80 wordsKey:I was a lively girl,in a small class 1 grade 5 iron schools.In elementary school,we have many courses,I think mathematics is very boring,the language is very

different people like different subject.when i was a child.my sisiter often speaks some english words to me .the words sound good and i love them.after i went to school.i study english very hard and get good grades.so,i fall in love with it.i often have

a wer si ku sabujiekete katong taimu

i am a student I have subjects every day I like Chinese because my Chinese teacher is fun. And i don't like math because math teacher is boring .Do you like hostory ?I like hostory very mach .because my hostory teacher is ralexing .And I like music because music teacher is very beautiful !

做个ppt 也太麻烦了,给你点资料吧learning abilities differ from man to man. if this in the ancient times the process of educating people depended on a school where the

There are lots of subjects open by school,all of them are useful. Math, Chinese, English and many can rich our mind, and music, painting, P.E. can make us an all-round person. So, we just enjoy our sc

你好!Our school subjects are fun.我们学校的科目很有趣如有疑问,请追问.

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