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n. 诺言,约定,希望 v. 允诺,约定,预示 [ 名词promiser ] [ 过去式promised 过去分词promised 现在分词promising 第三人称单数promises ] 例句与用法 1. john promises well as an actor. 约翰有希望成为演员. 2. i promise to return your bicycle on

1、promise to do sth承诺做某事2、promise sb sth承诺某人某物3、prmise that+从句4、make promises/make a promise to sb向某人许诺 扩展资料1、I'd like to come with you but that's not a promise,don't rely on it.我愿意和你一起去,但这不是允

promise是瞬间动词,promise that+句子 就这样啊


promise的用法:1、promise sth (to sb) /promise sb sth:许诺某人做某事举例:The college principal promised to look into the matter.学院院长答应研究这个问题.2、promise of sth.吉兆;迹象 举例:The day dawned bright and clear, with the

及物动词 vt.& 不及物动词 vi.1.允诺; 答应 I can't promise.我不能应允.I want you to I promised that I would write regularly.我答应要经常写信.2.有…希望; 预示 He promises

promise [美] [prms] [英] [prmis] 名词 (pl. promises) 承诺,诺言 Give me your promise that you'll never be late again. 答应我你绝不再迟到了. 希望,前途 The young man shows promise as a poet. 这位青年有成为诗人的希望. 动词(


如果要表示沙发说的那个意思的话,那么原句应该是“those silly promises that you made,you can save it to yourself”那样的话,yourselves slowly就说不通了.yourselves 是“你们自己”的意思,而不是你自己.

选B.--- Would you like to go surfing again?--- Yes,I've been surfing a few times a week.It's such fun.---你想要去冲浪吗?---是的,每周我一直在冲浪好几次呢.冲浪是如此快乐的事. fun是不可数名词,”快乐的事情“.所以不加冠词a.排除A.又so,too修饰形容词或副词,C,D.希望对你有所帮助.学习进步、快乐!

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