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吉棋豚(Waiting Period):嗽各^鉱賀豚 ̄,賜^窒夭豚 ̄,頁峺隠婪詫壓伏丼議峺協扮豚坪,軸聞窟伏隠嬖孫,隠嬌牧臆残椹餤単O嫖盂

period ['pirid] n. 僥扮,仁扮,匯粁扮寂,扮豚,巓豚,鞘泣

Cost Sto Beg Period議嶄猟鍬咎Cost Sto Beg Period[咎]葎箔豚撹云

寡辺豚斤娥暦繁娥暦繁(debtor),宥械峺功象隈舵賜栽揖、 娥幡繁弐埃議号協,壓処娥購狼嶄斤娥幡繁減嗤灰珊吶暦議繁.壓夏暦氏柴僥議宝囂嶄,娥暦繁頁峺之艶繁熱議糞悶賜倖繁.酒汽仇傍,娥暦繁匆辛參尖盾撹頁択圭,遇斤哘議娥幡繁辛參尖盾撹沢圭.

及匯倖音頁relate people my age及屈倖頁 relate people period宸倖矯催紗議嗤泣痴雌‐凪糞及匯肝需relate to sth sth議喘隈

嶮わりなき唾の余嶄 羨ち峭まりそうな扮 (涙勝唾余嶄叱圀廚怎岻扮)侮いため連こぼす 突らは (厘断音喇誼侮侮名連)游みかけてはまた宣れていった (朕炎壓念圭飛軸飛宣)でも書はもう採も訊れることはない (徽緩震厘挽涙侭侶上)伉をぐ膿い壱は (伉嶄狒議膿倉鄂壱)けして盾けはしないさ (貫栖脅音奚煤叟僅蝕)冥しけてり彭いた (音僅弖儖丘器議勝遊)この魁侭でPeriodに (採音壓緩侃皿和鞘泣)握にちたぬくもり 悶嶄け儔る (梁哲握吭壓悶坪筝筝送綿)屈業とえることない 芝吮が´ (宸芝吮音氏壅業払)駅ず埃崩惚たして埴を銭れてくよ (協勣糞嶬雫┫低垓宣)吝れる(知を)垳い(宇いて)すべて梧に

I really very much love you, I really do not have the means to constrain my sentiment´I did not know was your evil spirit, but was your evil spirit, I instead could without hesitation accept. Swallow. I hoped remembers this speech: I can love you. If is the deadline. This deadline is: Forever厘議蒸斤屎鳩100%

This time to carefully review for the exam, refueling


week 哂 [wik]巓,佛豚MEANING:a period of seven days and nights, usually measured in Britain from Monday to Sunday and in the US from Sunday to Saturday

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