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Our school is big and beautiful.In our school has a libiary(图书馆),two playgroud(操场),and many gardens(花园).Look!there are many students(学生) palying


My school is very very greatly also clean, but my classroom is very small, classroom building front is the front door, behind is the drill ground, drill ground behind has the basketball court and the pingpong field. I love my school

Our school is very beautiful.There are many trees and flowers here,so the air here is very clean.I can hear birds singing.It's so wonderful.On the playground,you can see the students play basketball.Sometimes our teacher play with us.We feel very


Every school has its special features, so has ours. For instance, it is one of the best and oldest schools in Malaya, and is reputed to have a history of nearly fifty years and produced many prominent and respectable citizens. Our school campus is

Sports in Our School Everyone in our college goes in for sports. Every morning after we get up we do morning exercises and we do exercises again during the long break. We only have one P.E. class a week, but we do physical training every

Our school's English classes are small-class teaching

冀教版八年级英语上册全册全套表格式教案Lesson 1 Li Ming Is Back to School教 学 设 计个案补充Ⅰ.Teaching content: 1. New words and phrases 2. Introduce yourself and your schoolⅡ.Teaching goals:1. Learn new words 2.Make sure the Ss

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