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we'll have classes in a place like a garden.没有人会不喜欢这些食品. 我真的希望这 if it is a dream. and we will have p. there will be many plants in the school. we'll go

In our school ,we learn many subjects.There are about eight subjects.They are Chinese,English,maths,History,Physics,Art ,music and PE.Most of us like PE,Music and some

I am a middle school student.I like all my school subjects.In these subjects that I learn every day I think maths is the most difficult,Chinese is the most easy.And I like English best.I study very hard because I want to be a translator when I grow up.I was a

There are lots of subjects open by school,all of them are useful. Math, Chinese, English and many can rich our mind, and music, painting, P.E. can make us an all-round person. So, we just enjoy our sc

你好!Our school subjects are fun.我们学校的科目很有趣如有疑问,请追问.

as a high school student,we have many subjects to learn,also there are many activities in our school.such as playing basketball,collecting stamps ,studying computer.and i like

Our school我们的学校我校位于北京市中心.它拥有2000多名学生和200多位老师,是北京市几所规模最大的学校之一.学校所设科目为政治、语文、英语、数学、历史、地理

Hello,everyone!I'm glad to make such a speech .Now I want to tell all of you about my family life.There're three members in my family--my father,my mother and I.My father works as an engineer.My mother works in a school and I am a student in junior

our 英 [a] 美 [ar] school 英 [skul] 美 [skul] subjects 英 ['sbdekts; 'sbdkts] 美 ['sbdkts] 请采纳

In our school ,we learn many subjects. There are about eight subjects. They are Chinese, English, maths, History, Physics, Art ,music and PE. Most of us like PE,Music and some other subjects. Boy students like learning Masths and Physics while

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