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Sports in Our School Everyone in our college goes in for sports.Every morning after we get up we do morning exercises and we do exercises again during the long break.We

a wer si ku sabujieketekatong taimu

你好!Our school subjects are fun.我们学校的科目很有趣 如有疑问,请追问.


our 英 [a] 美 [ar] school 英 [skul] 美 [skul] subjects 英 ['sbdekts; 'sbdkts] 美 ['sbdkts] 请采纳

In our school ,we learn many subjects. There are about eight subjects. They are Chinese, English, maths, History, Physics, Art ,music and PE. Most of us like PE,Music and some other subjects. Boy students like learning Masths and Physics while

I am a middle school student.I like all my school subjects.In these subjects that I learn every day I think maths is the most difficult,Chinese is the most easy.And I like English best.I study very hard because I want to be a translator when I grow up.I was a

Unit 1 Our school subjects Story time 我尝试 1~3 略 4. 我交流 1. 4217365 2. (1) We have English, Chinese, Maths, Art, PE, Music and Science. (2) I like Chinese and Maths. (3) I like Chinese and Maths. (4) I like English. It's fun. 3. 略 我运

Our new school life We are junior school students now. We will be senior high school students soon. It's well known that our school is very famous. As new members of a senior school,we must follow the school rules. We must study hard and do well in

My school is very beautiful. I like it very much.The teachers are very friendly. The students are nice and kind. We have many subjects to learn at school. We learn a lot at school. Sometimes we play games on the playground. We have a good at school.

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