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today, I am standing here, want be regarded as a friend to chat and think with alll of you about a story of life. we lived in a world highly correlated, we, as students, have to struggle in study, to communicate from friends, to love and beloved by family.

My hobby is playing basketball. I started to play basketball when I was 12 years old. After school, I would stay on the playground and play basketball with some friends of mine until it was dark . Since then I have taken it as my hobby because it is good

Good morning,everyone! I am very glad at here to have a report ! Firstly, i want to ask all of you a question: have you ever seen someone littering and spitting (随地乱扔和吐痰)when you were walking in the street. Most of you may say "yes" or


In a broad sense, friendship exists between all human beings even though some of them may never know each other all their lives. If yoa are a peasant, you grow crops and provide other people with food. So you are their friend. In return, they will

忠犬八公的故事剧情简介:Professor Li tsakir played on the encounter at the station in a small town poor little Akita dog, helpless figure it arouse his mercy, though his wife (Joan Allen decorated) strongly opposed, but the strong request of his

Good morning, everyone. As you know, our Chinese taditional Spring Festivalis around the corner, which means each of us can start to plan the winter holidayfrom now on. Will you spend this vacation with your grandparents?Will you visite some


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