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n. 伙食,名词meal的复数形式. 一、读音:英 [milz],美 [milz] 二、例句: Their staff restaurant serves nice meals with a lot of variety. 他们单位饭堂的伙食还不错,饭菜品种挺多的. 三、词汇搭配: cook the meals 做饭 at meals 在吃饭

您好! meal n. 一餐,一顿饭;膳食 vi. 进餐 meals n. 膳食;谷类(meal的复数) v. 进餐(meal的三单形式) 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

meal[英][mi:l][美][mil]n.餐,饭;进餐(时间);〈英〉一次挤奶量;谷物粗粉(用作饲料或加工面粉);vi.进餐;复数:meals例句1.He has paid for the meal.他已付了那顿饭的钱.2.Every meal has been arranged before I catch the plane.每一餐都是在我上飞机之前已经安排好了.3.Did you enjoy your meal?你喜欢你的饭菜吗?4.Serve with a fresh green salad for a complete meal.可以在整个进餐中,加上一份新鲜的绿色沙拉配餐.


cook the meals做饭菜cook the meals做饭菜

cook the meals:做饭菜.例句与用法:1. I would do all my own work and clean the house and cook the meals .我愿意包揽一切家务,打扫房子和做饭.2. I always cook the meal and do the dishes ! it ' s not fair我总是既做饭又洗碗!这太不公平了! 3. What can you do ? i can cook the meals你会干什么?我会做饭.

意思是 伙食 ____我是活雷锋,为人民服务!亲的好评是我前进的动力!

在你的每餐里 Include fish in your meals 2-3 times a week. 跟读 鱼是非常好的食品,每周进食2~3次.To stave off future problems, make sure to include dairy, salt, and iron, found in lean red meat and spinach, in your meals after a run. 跟读 为了避免问题再一次发生,确保跑后进餐时应该包括牛奶,盐和铁,瘦肉和菠菜含有铁质.

meal是可数名词,意为:餐(饭),一顿(饭),进餐(时间)cook a meal 做顿饭 cook one's meal 自己做饭eat / have a meal 吃一顿饭 take three meals 吃三餐


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