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make noise 制造噪音,发出令人不愉快的声音;吵闹、发出嘈杂声

制造一些噪音 make some noise 制造了一些噪音 made some noise made是make的过去式

make some noise 网 络制造噪音;制造些噪音;制造一些噪音吧;大声点双语例句 1. Na na na na, stand up make some noise. 缺缺缺缺, 站起来,使一些噪音. 2. Na na na na na, stand up make some noise. 不详不详不详不详不详, 站起来,


中文版没几句中文歌词我只听得出音乐 大声闹有英文版的Yeah, you're so convinced of how it's supposed to beI know that you're confusedDon't take it out on meWe're not afraid to tryWe're not afraid to dreamBut when it all goes wrong

你说的是Krystal Meyers的Make Some Noice?有两个版本,另一版本高潮部分是用中文唱的.http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=461944189


①打扫卫生:do some cleaning②停止做某事:stop doing③结婚:get married④制造噪音:make noise⑤不回家,呆在户外:stay outside⑥迫不及待做某事:can't wait to do⑦在某事有困难:have difficulties in doing

1. That noise makes me crazy.2. We should begin with the little things around to make our school beautiful.3. He invited us to join the game.4. Mom asked me to quit some after-school activities.5. I will have the machine repaired tomorrow.

Hamsters are cheaper than rabbits or cats, they are sometimes a bit noisy at night, and they are quite easy to take care of. Hamsters are small and sleep all day.

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