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我怎样学会学习英语的.i 主语, learnt 过去式 谓语动词, to learn english 进一步修饰 learnt这个不及物动词. 最后how 对方式提问.

所学课程 learnt是learn的过去分词


I think friendship is the more important,sorry;t forget him forever.And he sat in school,he broke it into pieces,the greatest lesson I have learned is a period of my friendship.But I was very confused because without knowing the reasons,I will share with

Last Saturday, I took part in an interview in which I applied for the assistant of New Oriental school. During the process of the interview, I learned a lot of things that can be useful in my future job hunting. Although I failed in the interview because of


两个问题搞懂就行了:1.when 这里不是“当.的时候”的意思,而是“就在这个时候(突然)”.再如:I was reading a book when suddenly someone shouted "Help!".2. as 引导的是一个定语从句,as 所对应的先行词不是某一个词,而是整个主句的内容.再如:As everybody knows, the earth circles around the sun.

I have learnt …… this lesson/class.这里的这节课可以用this lesson/class两种方式表达,这个句子是完成时形式,表示已经学会了……例句:这节课我学会了如何跳舞.I have learnt how to dance this lesson/class.要在这节课里学习那节课的内容是

Learning English takes time so if we want to learn it well, we should spend much time practicing using English every day. Besides, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class. Go over what is learnt regularly and finish doing our

Dear Linda, Thanks for your taking a English lesson after school for me on friday. During the extra lesson, you appeared to be so patient that I learnt so well and effectively.

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