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it's generally considered that reading do a lot of benefit to our students.not only can it make our after-school life more meaningful and corlourful,but it can expand our horizons.as a result,with reading more,we would grow into a better person.however,

For reading well,I decide to draw up some plans to reading .i believe that college is completely different from high school, so i should change the read way of high school to a appropriate way for college study. first of all, besides read, i should be

recently, i realize i really have to work on my english. though my writing is strong, my listening and reading is weak. to improve my english, i established a plan. first of all, i am going to increase my vocabulary amount by remembering 20 words each

Part One: Teaching Design (第一部分:教学设计) Period 1: A sample lesson plan for reading (JOURNEY DOWN THE MEKONG) Aims To talk about traveling To read about traveling Procedures I. Warming up 1. Warming up by discussing

1、 my summer holidays The two months of summer holidays is very interesting.The past two months every day there was a new thing happened.I not only learned a lot of things, and also understand a lot of truth. During the summer holidays I and

What makes a good teacher Good teachers have a sense of purpose. You can't be good in a generic sense; you have to be good for something. As a teacher, this means that you know what your students expect, and you make plans to meet those

After I enter the university, I plan to use part of my free time to preview and review what I learned. Besides, I plan to join some interesting and useful student clubs associated with my major, for instance, the marketing club, I can research some cases

as consensus of everyone, people should read books, especially when they are young. however, we still should read selectively instead of blindly. in china, many parents force their children to read all kinds of books for some reason, that makes those

Winter holiday is coming. I will do many things during the holiday. Here is my plan. First ,I'll finish my homework . Then, I'll do some reading. I like reading very much, I think winter holiday is the best time for reading. Next , when I have time ,I'll play

my plan for the new term the new term is coming.i must make a good plan. first,i am going to ger up early and ge to bed early.second,i am going to study hard.because i want to have a good score.i believe in myself.third,i will read some books.

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