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lEsson lEArnED怎么写

I have learned (how to be a good person)Today, when I was on the bus, I found a grandma who didn't have a seat. A beautiful sister just stood up and let the grandma sit. In the meanwhile, I was still wondering what I can do.Compared with that sister,

learn a lesson 受到教训(是指从错误中吸取教训)take a lesson 上一节课\r\n

The seats in our school reading-room are not enough for all the students.Many people get there very early to "seize" a seat every day.So do I.One day a "special" thing happened to me.And I learned a lesson that I shall never forget.It happened

Everyone has his unforgetable thing,the greatest lesson I have learned is a period of my friendship.friendship maybe is the most important thing in our life.Friendship is like the sun,brings us brightness.So if I own something,I will share with my

The lesson has to be learned in English, not in ChineseThe lesson has to be learned by not helping others, not helpingIf there is no such a lesson learned, there is nothing to write about.

翻译成中文的话就是对你来说,在书本上学到的知识还是个人的经验比较重要?小提示:knowledge才是正写而不是knouledge important 而不是 import希望能帮助你!

lesson 英[39;lesn] 美[lsn] n. 教训,训诫;功课;课程,一堂课;[宗]日课 vt. 教训,训斥;教课;向…授课 名词复数:lessons [例句]He had learned his lesson.他汲取了他的教训.

you taught my first class

English is very important in our lives. We should do our best to learn English well. Maybe you will ask how to learn English well. I have some good methods that fit me best. Let me tell you. To

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