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My Room I have a small but comfortable room. The ceiling of my room is paint blue which stands for the sky. I pasted some plastics stars on it so I could imagine the universe when I lie on my bed. There is a desk and a bookshelf in my room. I love

tidy my room整理我的房间CET4IELTSGRE考 研CET6tidy生词本去背诵英 [tadi]美 [tadi]adj.整洁的,整齐的; (数量)相当大的; 相当好的; 健康的n.盛零碎物品的容器; 椅子的背罩vt.& vi.使整洁; 弄整齐; 使有条理; 整理,收拾过

1、clean my room的中文意思是:打扫房间,清扫房间,打扫我的房间.2、其中clean的英式发音为[kli:n] 美式发音为[klin] . 意思有:清洁的,整齐的,新的,正派的,(使)清洁,变干净.扩展资料1. Clean my room well while I am out.我不在的时候,好好打扫一下我的房间.2. My mother was very angry when I forgot to clean my room.当我忘记打扫我的房间时,我妈妈非常生气.房间,一般指上有屋顶,周围有墙,能防风避雨,御寒保温,供人们在其中工作、生活、学习、娱乐和储藏物资,并具有固定基础,层高一般在2.2米以上的永久性场所.

no fear in my heart中文意思:我心中无恐惧.no的意思是没有,fear的意思害怕,恐惧.in的意思是在,in my heart的意思是在我心中.综合得到我心中没有恐惧.fear英 [f(r)] 美 [fr] n.害怕;可能性;(对神等的)敬畏;忧虑 vt.害怕;畏惧

打扫你的房间 鲍勃的妈妈很生气.鲍勃的房间里一团糟! 她说,“打扫你的房间!” 鲍勃把他的玩具都放在了床下.鲍勃把他的脏衣服放在了床下.鲍勃把他的书放在了床下.他说,“我的房间现在很干净.”

room : 房间;空间

i lost my way in the darkness again my beating heart feels cold a beam of light shining through my room silently just like your tender eyesights sticken on me suddenly,i become conscious to my life darling,what are you busy with do you miss me too,

Close my room = 把我的房间封了. Close my door = 把我的门关上. Close to my room = 靠近我的房间

I have a new room..There is bookcase,chair,desk,table,bed in my small room.My hat is on the chair.My baseball is under the bed.My school ID card is on the table.My CDs are in my backpack.Oh,there is a picture of mine on the wall.My room is very nice.I like it very much.Do you have your own room?Tell me!

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