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laughed[英]['l:ft][美]['l:ft]v.嘲笑; 笑( laugh的过去式和过去分词 ); 发笑; (特别表示因成功而)处于有利地位;

laughed:['l:ft] v&adj笑、开玩笑、嘲笑


although sometimes tired,would have laughed虽然有时会累,但还是应该笑笑



I have had a happy Sunday. I usually go to Park with my parents on Sunday. Go kiting, catch insects, go boating, playing, talking and smiling, it is really a good time. This is my Sunday.

wishes 梦想 i looked in the sky and there i saw a star shining so blight above 我向天空望去,我看见天上的星星在那儿一闪一闪的 i closed my eyes and wished upon a star that i would find true love 我闭上双眼,梦想着能够站在一颗星星上来寻找我

《如何在共产主义中存活,甚至一笑置之》(How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed)http://www.eslite.com/product.aspx?pgid=1001118561648179

(场景1) Well I was there on the day 那时我也在场 They sold the cars for the queen, 当他们为女王推销汽车 (场景2) And when the lights all went out 当聚光灯渐渐暗下来 We watched our lives on the screen. 我们在荧幕上也看到了自己的演唱

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