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doing 后面是什么?连起来一起翻译,表示改进做某事,改进某项事物.例如improve doing business conditions 即改进商贸环境的意思.

improve造句:Both the texture and condition of your hair should improve.你头发的发质与健康状况都应改善.

doing sth

it is important to improve air pollution. I need to improve my English level

improve 是可及物动词 表示“提高”后面加名词或动名词 没有improve to do的形式 improve+doing的形式是有的 但doing是动名词

首先要知道practice doing sth是练习做某事 practice做动词 后面跟动名词,而不跟不定式.You must practice speaking English.你必须要练习说英语. I want you to practice doing this until it becomes second nature.我希望你坚持练习做此事,直到它成为(的)二天性为止.

是doing sth improve是动词 后接名词或动名词

sb consider doing sth 造句 he consider going to school a bit earlier.he consider playing football with his friends.i consider waiting a bit longer before i give up.they consider joining the school football team.可以吗?很希望会对你有帮助.若满意请采纳,谢谢你

improve KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 改进抄,改善;增进 He put forward a plan for improving the rate of production.他提出了一个提高生产率的计划.2. 提高(土地,地产)的价值3. 利用(机会等) She improved her leisure by learning foreign languages.她利用闲百暇时间学习外语.vi.1. 改善,变得更好 Their working conditions are improving.他们的工作条件度正在改善.2. 增加,提高 The price of steel improved.钢材价格提高了.

organize sb to do sth网络释义organize sb to do sth:组织某人做某事organize doing sth = 组织做某事,但用的比较少你说的两个没问题,此外,organize to do 也可以

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