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1.V-ERG改进;改善;增进If something improves or if you improve it, it gets better. Both the texture and condition of your hair should improve 你头发的发质与健康状况都应改善.The weather is beginning to improve天气开始好转了.Time won't

improvevt.改善;改进;提高vi.变得更好;改进用作及物动词 (vt.)Your work will get by, but try to improve it.你的工作勉强通过了,但要设法改善它.He offered a suggestion to improve the plan.他提出一个建议,以改进那项计划.用作不及物动

improve on

改善 improve, better, ameliorate, make better 提高 improve, increase, enhance, raise, heighten 改进 improve, better, make better 健全 improve, strengthen 改良 improve, reform, ameliorate 好转 improve 进步 improve, get ahead 优於 surpass, exceed, improve, precede, outdo, outshine

improve 的用法1、构词:improvement n. 提高,改进;改良;增进 2、搭配: ① improve in sth 在某方面好转 ② improve on 对……作出改进;比……有了改进 ③ improve oneself in sth 在某方面有进步 ④ make an improvement in 在某方面作改进 3、句型: ① There be an improvement in 在某方面有进步/好转 ② There is still room for improvement. 仍有改进的余地

1 improve someboday's Englilsh level2 on several/ some pieces of paper3 start/ begin to talk4 how to do5 are good at

level up?

improve sth. by doing sth.希望能够帮上你!

act on 对…起作用 [ 有功效 ] ;奉行,按照…而行动 agree on 就达成协议决定,同意,赞成 be based on 以为基础 be hard on sb. 过于严厉对待某人 be on 上演, 上映 bet on 就…打赌,打…的赌 bring down the curtain on sth. 结束; 标志的

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