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experience英 [ksprins] 美 [ksprins] n. 经验,体验;经历,阅历vt. 感受;亲身参与,亲身经历;发现第三人称单数: experiences 复数: experiences 现在分词: experiencing 过去式: experienced 过去分词: experienced

Perhaps you are right --! This kind of thing everybody wants the experience! Give up --It is my only choice!

应学会读音标因为这样就会在没有人的帮助下自己也能读生词 其实每个单词怎么拼都是有一定的规律它和读音相近比如说exprience经历可以分为ex/prien/ce.只要知道怎么读单词就可以记住它然后过几天再看一看就差不多能记牢了

classroom的音标是英 [kl:sru:m]美 [klsru:m].classroom 教室 扩展资料1.School trips give children firsthand experience not available in the classroom.学校组织的出游能让孩子们获得在课堂上得不到的亲身体验.2.The children bounced into

这个是两个单词,every children,就是每个孩子every音标[evri]children音标[tldrn],这个是child的复数

It is my honor to introduce myself here . My name is XX , was graduated from the XXX school , now I am taking the part-time course of university . I have 6 years ' work exprience . The first job is a clerk in one Japanese-funded enterprise for 2 years .


手写:SuccessIt is a truth that everyone love the success, and no one likes failure. But all the people should know about the hard working behind a big success. 这是一个事实,每个人都喜欢成功而不喜欢失败. 但是每个人都应该知道一个成功后面

Good afternoon and nice to see you at this sunny afternoon. I am very glad to be here for interview. My name is YYX . I come from DLUFL and my major is english special lised in business. Computer, books, films and climbing moutains are my

“Do you think that internet dating is a good idea? Why?/ Why not?稍等

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