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你好!动词,Your weight is increasing, you should exercise more. , 不可数名词,Doing exercise is good for our health, 可数名词, We have many exercises to do. 动词是练习.练习,习题(可数)操(可数) 锻炼(不可数)希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

He does maths exercises every dayhe do exercise every dayhe exercises every day

exercise ['ekssaiz] n. 运动;练习;运用;操练;礼拜;典礼 vt. 锻炼;练习;使用;使忙碌;使惊恐 vi. 运动;练习 [ 过去式exercised 过去分词exercised 现在分词exercising ] vt.1. 锻炼(身体),训练:to exercise the body 锻炼身体 to exercise

英文单词:exercise翻译中文意思|用法|音标| exercise: [ 'ekssaiz ] n. 练习,作业,运动v. 练习,运动,运用词形变化: 形容词:exercisable 动词过去式:exercised 过去分词:exercised 现在分词:exercising 第三人称单数:exercises 例句与

最低0.27元/天开通百度文库会员,可在文库查看完整内容> 原发布者:末末4421.表示以下用法,通常为不可数名词:(1)表示为增强体质或增进健康而进行的身体锻炼.如:Exercisewilldoyougood.运动对你会有好处.

exercise ['ekssaiz] n.运动;练习;运用;操练;礼拜;典礼vt.锻炼;练习;使用;使忙碌;使惊恐vi.运动;练习[ 过去式exercised 过去分词exercised 现在分词exercising ] exercise作名词:1、当exercise表“

exercise 指的是做锻炼 做锻炼不可数 exercises 指的是做练习题 练习题可数

1、2113exercise 词性比较灵活,既可以做动词,也可以做名词.2、exercise 作名词,意思是“练习”,可数名词.“运动,锻炼”,不5261可数名词.例如:The students are asked to finish all the exercises in the reference book after class.学


作为习题时是可数的a lot of exercises作为练习是不可数的do much exercise 它还可以做动词I exercise every moning.

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