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exercise词组用法总结:breathing exercise 气功 combined exercise 全能 concentric exercise 动力性练习 corrective exercise 矫正运动,矫形体操exercise bike 室内健身自行车exercise book 练习本 exercise metabolism 运动代谢 exercise

1. exercise泛指“锻炼”时,做不可数名词 如:take exercise 锻炼身体 take more exercise多锻炼2. exercise表示“体操”或“练习(题)”时是可数名词,要用复数形式. 如: do morning exercises(做早操) do eye exercises(做眼保健操) do English exercises(做英语练习)

动词:he exercises a lot in the morning.名词:he takes a lot of exercise.

exercise 练习 do exercise/exercise book sports 运动 sports meeting/take sports do exercise和take sports 意思一样 都是做运动

take exercise

exercise可数:训练,运动 不可数:锻炼 morning exercise晨练 do exercise 做运动in the way挡道 on the way在路上 on one's way home在某人回家的路上

练习的时候用复数 运动的时候不用复数,除了两操 眼保健操和广播体操1,exercises通常用于表示练习题如: My teacher often tells us to do more math exercises every day. 2,用于表示体操、保健操. Doing morning exercises is good for our health.

take exercise 做锻炼play footboll 踢足球

应该是take exercise 或 do exercise

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