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EnD up是什么意思

endup,应该是end up ,意思是:(以…)结束; 最终成为[变得]; 最后处于.常用短语 to end up in sth 最终到达…;最终处于… to end up doing sth 最终做某事 双语例句:1. We will end up living in a society where life is cheap. 我们最终将生活

end up 意思是:最终(成为); 最终(处于.状态)1、He ended up as general manager of the company.他最后成了这家公司的总经理.摘自有道词典2、end up doing 通常强调结果和预期的并不一致 Most slimmers end up putting weight back on.大部分减肥的人最终体重又反弹了.

end up v. 竖着, 结束, 死 例句 year-end check-up 年终清理 How does the story end up? 这人故事是怎么结束的? How does the story end up? 这故事是如何结尾的? We'll end up paying much more. 结果会花好多钱. Now we'll end up with


动词 end up 英[end p] 美[nd p] [词典] (以…)结束; 最终成为[变得]; 最后处于; [例句]The result was that the engine ended up at the bottom of the canal 结果引擎最终沉到了运河底.

end up : 结果成为, 最终成为; 以终结; (偶然)到达(某处); 以(坏结果)终结



end up是结束的意思.可以单独使用 eg. how does the story end up?end up with是以为结束.一般加具象的名字 例如 we end up with some fruits.我们最后吃了点苹果 end up doing一般加抽象名词.象this thing end up failure.

end up in 在中结束 end up with后面的宾语是其主语的一部分,而end up in后面的宾语是其主语(一件事情、一个活动等)的结果.: The meeting ended up with a song.(a song是主语The meeting 的一部分,即歌曲之后整个会议结束). Their effort ended up in failure(failure是主语Their effort 的结果).

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