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do exercise 英[du: eks] 美[du kssaz] 做体操 [例句]he advises finding an earlier time in the day to do exercise.他建议每天找一个更早的时间来做运动.

意思:做更多锻炼,多做运动,做更多的锻炼 例句:Try to do more exercise试着多做些运动 We must do more exercise我们必须多做运动

多做练习做更多锻炼做更多的运动take more exercise = do more exercise做更多的运动The doctor suggested that he do more exercise.医生建议他多做些运动You need to do more exercise if you want to be physically fit如果你想身体健康

答案是:多做运动是do more exercise,do more exercises的意思是多做练习题.一、do more exercise 读音:英 [du m(r) ekssaz] 美 [du mr eksrsaz] 释义:多做运动;多锻炼;做更多锻炼;进行更多的锻炼;多运动 语

do more exercise多做运动网络释义1. 多锻炼2. 做更多的锻炼3. 做更多锻炼例句:1.You should do more exercise to keep healthy. 为了身体健康你应该多做运动.

[ 'ekssaiz ]

do more exercise 多做运动 exercises 复数 表示 练习 或 操的意思do morning exercises 做早操 do some exercises 做一些练习

do a lot of exercise 可以说成 take a lot of exercise


exercise 英音:['ekssaiz] 美音:['ks,saz]名词 n. 1.运动,锻炼[C][U]Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. 游泳是最有益于健康的运动方式之一. 2.练习;习题[C]Do the vocabulary exercise at the end of the chapter. 做这一章

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