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Do wEll in一般疑问句

Do you do well in?Does he do well in.?

He does well in playing football, doesn't he?You do well in running, don't you?希望对你有帮助,祝快乐.欢迎顺手点击采纳,O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

Do you well in Maths?Yse,I do.No,I don't.\No,Idon't do well in Maths.

do well in = be good at 变否定在do前加don't/doesn't/didn't等助动词的否定.be good at变否定在be动词后加not.例如:I do well in English.=I am good at English. I don't do wellin English.=I am not good at English.

以上这句话改为一般疑问句是Do the students in XDF can speak English well? 肯定回答应该是Yes, they do.

情况如下如果是否定变疑问,则be动词,情态动词,助动词移到前面去.She can't swim.Can she swim?She doesn't do well in English.Does she do well in English?She isn't a teacher.Is she a teacher.如果疑问变否定则

1 Does Lisa do well in playing chess?Yes ,she does.2 Does the swimmer swim well?Yes,he(she) does.

Did the students do well in English last week?感觉 English 后面有个 exam 更通顺

Does he do well in Maths ?

She does well in English.(改为一般疑问句) __Does____she___do____well in English?

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