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The Diet Mrs.Tan was worried about her weight . "I'm much too fat," she told her friend."I need to lose a lot of weight but I don't know how to do it." "Go and see Dr.Wei," her friend said."He'll tell you how to lose weight." Mrs.Tan visited Dr.

您好.diet有日常饮食的意思.而balanced这个词在这句话中时形容词.原形是balance,既可以做名词也可以作动词.所以这句话意思是 要注重饮食平衡.

没有中文名哦就叫做lets diet希望能帮到您,求采纳.

他们不打算去看电影.They don't plan to go to see the film. 星期天下午我经常待在家里.I often stay at home sunday afternoon. 右边那张床是你的. The bed on right is yours.我的父母经常告诉我有关你的事.My parents often tolds me things about you.


The secret of longevity is balance-diet and regular exercise People who are in diet are better to eat chocolate You should tell your son the importance of vitamins and minerals in the diet

1. I rarely go to the movies.2. I have a good diet, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.3. I have a bad cold.4. I have severe headaches.5. I plan to Harbin this winter to ski.6. Thank

n. 日常饮食; 规定饮食; vt. (使) 节制饮食; vi. 节食; 进规定饮食;

There are many students diet is very bad, because they have cast time not to eat breakfast, others eat snacks, love eating junk food, still some students have the bad habit, only eat his love to eat vegetables. Still, these phenomena of dietary excess

need需要,example例子,`tired累的,hot热 的,`herbs药草复数,also也是,people人们,stressed紧张的,angry生气的,popular流行的,easy简单的,diet饮食

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