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To come or go casually; make an appearance.偶然地来或去;露面Glanced casually at the headlines.随便扫了一下新闻摘要.Dressed casually in jeans and t-shirt随便穿着牛仔裤和t恤衫I'll dress more casually at weekends.周末我会穿得更随便一

(1)to one's surprise 意为“使某人吃惊的是……”它对全句进行解释或说明,表示说话人对上文的看法或态度,一般放在句首.例如: To our surprise,the boy won the prize.

succeed in doing sth succeed only in doing sth取得相反的效果; 弄巧成拙 succeed sb as sth接替某人做某事 nothing succeeds like success一事成,事事成;一顺百顺 高考用不到 不过认识一下也无妨 希望可以帮到你

be at mess 在食堂吃饭 be in a mess 乱七八糟, 处境狼狈 clear up the mess 把弄乱的东西整理好, 清理混乱局面 get into a mess 陷入困境, 遇到麻烦 get sb. into a mess 使陷入狼狈处境 go to mess 去食堂吃饭 in a mess 零乱; 肮脏; 陷于窘

blame sb for sth 因某事责怪某人blame sth on sb 把某事归咎到某人身上be to blame for sth 对…负有责任take the blame for sth 承担…的责任get sth blame for 对…负责~~~网上也可以查到更多的,我列举的这些是常见的

be in difficulty有困难 have difficulty in对有困难 make no difficulty[-ties]无异议, 不反对, 不阻挠 with difficulty困难地; 吃力地 without difficulty容易地, 毫不费力地 face the difficulty 面对困难

have sympathy for sb 同情某人 have sympathy with 支持某事 in sympathy with sth 因而出现,相继发生 eg:Share prices slipped in sympathy with the German market.受德国市场影响,股票价格出现下跌.out of sympathy with sb/sth 不赞成,不支持(某人或事物)

challenge n. 挑战;怀疑 vt. 向…挑战 短语:challenge assay 激惹测定 challenge attention 值得注意 challenge cup 优胜杯 challenge experiment 攻击试验 challenge feeding 引导饲养法 challenge infection 攻击感染, 攻击性感染challenge round

bring about 引起; 致使; 造成; 达成 【航海】改变航向 使康复 bring along 带来 协助训练; 培养 帮助快速生长或开花 bring on带来 协助训练; 培养 帮助快速生长或开花 bring around 使复苏; 使恢复健康 使相信; 说服; 使改变观点 顺便把


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