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bkp 汉译过来就是bu ke shao pu

bookshop 英[bkp] 美[bk:p] n. 书店;


out of the bookshop 在书店外面ran out of the bookshop 跑出书店外面

Assuming that your e-pal Alan want to visit you this Sunday ,Alan's home is near the park ,please sent this email to her according to the situation below .start from your home first ,go straight to the left the fourth crossroads .then turn right to the


Buy book(s) in this bookstore/ bookshop.


A total of six layers of shopping centers, there are many shops, such as restaurants, fast food, household appliance Emporium, bookshops, clothing stores, shops, sporting goods stores, etc.

arrive at the bookstoreget to the bookstorereach the book store 三个都可以,希望能帮到你

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