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achieve is used with these nouns as the object:动词achieve可以跟下列名词搭配,构成动宾关系:acceptance , accuracy , aim , ambition , aspiration , balance , breakthrough , ceasefire , clarity , climax , closure , coherence , competence ,

你好!achieve success achieve victory 如有疑问,请追问.

应该不可以吧call sb.'s attention to sth.叫某人注意某事He called my attention to some new evidence.他要我注意一些新的证据.devote one's attention to专心于You must devote your attention to your work.你必

你好!They are unlikely to achieve success in their careers.这句话是对的,“achieve success”的搭配也是对的,意为:获得成功“achieve success in their careers”意为:在事业上获得成功而“achieve career”的搭配是错误的,没有这样的表述.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

accomplish的宾语经常是:aim, end, feat, mission, object, purpose, task等.没有achieve的用途广.We have accomplished all we set out to do.我们已经完成我们着手做的事情.Exactly what he thought hewould accomplish isunclear.There are

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应该是 achieve .这里考的是achieve的搭配,后面常接dream这一类词. 意思是:我的父母总是鼓励我实现自己的梦想. 平时在写作中也可以用到achieve,比如achieve my dream / goal / ideal 呵呵~~

achieve:实现成绩、目标,主语是人.come true:实现,多指梦想、蓝图、计划,主语是“梦想蓝图计划”什么的,而不是人.这是最重要的区别..

achieve 有时候英语是凭感觉的

success n.成功 Hard work leads to success./He is a success./The party is a big success.succeed v.成功 They succeeded in swimming across the river.successful adj.成功的 This is a successful meeting.successfully adv.成功地 Tom was operated successfully by the doctor.

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