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above,在之上.The temperature is above the boiling point.温度达到了沸点以上.

1 The plane flew above the clouds.飞机在云层上方飞.2 He lifted his hands above his head.他把双手举过头顶.

above [英][bv][美][bv] prep.(表示程度)超过; (表示等级)在…之上; (表示位置)在…正上方; (表示比较)优于; adv.以上; 上述; 在上面; n.上述; adj.上述的; 造句:1 The temperature crept up to just above 40

There is a light above the desk.桌子上有一个灯

He was,above all,a man who experimented.首先,他是一个从事试验的人.Above all,he is a good administrator in picking able assistants and laborers.更重要的是他还是一个优秀的行政管理人员,善于挑选能干的助手

He lifted his hands above his head.他双手举过头顶.A long scream sounded from somewhere above.从上面什么地方传来一声长长的尖叫.The temperature crept up to just above 40 degrees.气温慢慢升至刚过40度.----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【满意】按钮

above 在物体之上, The English book is above the computer. 那英文书在电脑上面. above 比较用词, He think he is above everybody. 他以为自己是众人之上 请采纳

Let us put the pictures above the lamp !

There's a heaven above you baby.你的上面就是天堂.There are dots above the letters i and j.字母 i 和 j 上面都有一点.There are snowy peaks above.上面是白雪皑皑的群峰.

above oneself1.自高自大,自命不凡2.兴高采烈3.自高自大,自命不凡,趾高气扬;得意忘形4.兴奋起来,兴高采烈;情绪不正常,无法控制自己例句(1)It jauntily,above oneself,just take the advantage of temporarily downwind stopped.(2)Should have located above all oneself website,what does the website that is clear about oneself offer ,those who offer what kind of crowd

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