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A An thE的题带答案

一、选择正确的答案1.I am ___(a,an)student. 2.There is ____(a, an)elephant in the zoo.3.You are ____(a, an) good boy. 4.I have ____(a, an) orange.5.Miss Grant is ____( a,an )ugly teacher6.This is _____(a ,an)new book.7.Please take ____(a, an

你好:3.I've got 【an】appointment this afternoon. I have been suffering from【a】 headache. And I haven't had any sleep for three days. I feel exhausted and can't go to work. So I want to see 【a】 doctor.4.【A】friend of mine invited me to

1 an2 a , the3 an ,/4 a , /5 a , The , the6 a , /7 the8 an , a9 a , /10 the , / 11 the12 the , a 二写出下列名词复数形式. girl---- girls b

1. It's white. It's a white cat; 2.The dog is white and yellow;3. It's an orange. It isn't a banana.4.This key is blue.5. --- What colour is the jacket ? --- It's green.

1、/,/,/2、a an the

2.a 3.the 4.a 5.a,the


Mother Teresa was ( a )Roman Catholic nun who became famous for her loving kindness.In 1948,she started ( an ) open-air school for homeless children in Calcutta,India.She was ( the ) founder of ( an ) order called the "Missionaries of Charity".

1. Washington is ____the_________ capital of _______/_________ USA. 2. I saw ______a__________ woman going into the office. I don't know who ________the____

A因为刚提到, 用不定冠词a,an 是在后面以元音开头时用如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】祝学习进步

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