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A An thE 的试题

一、选择正确的答案1.I am ___(a,an)student. 2.There is ____(a, an)elephant in the zoo.3.You are ____(a, an) good boy. 4.I have ____(a, an) orange.5.Miss Grant is ____( a,an )ugly teacher6.This is _____(a ,an)new book.7.Please take ____(a, an

/ ,aanThe ,/the/ , athe , thea, the , a/, aan, a,The , thea, a, the,a

1. a / 2. The the a / 3. a the ,the 上文出现的用the,表示特指用the ,三餐前不用冠词.stay in bed 固定词组,第一次出现在文章中用a

1an a2不填3不填 the4an5a6a7a8the the9不填 不填10 an a

1. It's white. It's a white cat; 2.The dog is white and yellow;3. It's an orange. It isn't a banana.4.This key is blue.5. --- What colour is the jacket ? --- It's green.

1.the (表示另一天)2.不填 (没有特指)3.a (表示每一个〈星期〉,有表数量的意思)4.the (特指那一天〈昨天前面的那一天=前天〉)

1 a 2.the 3.a 4.a 5.a6a 7the 8a 9the 10a 11the 12the 祝学习进步

1、/,/,/2、a an the

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