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动词1.(勉强维持) sustain; hold out; bear 2.(给予鼓励或赞助) support; back; stand by To hold up; support. 支撑;支持 To be or tend to be in support of. 赞成支持,趋向于支持 She won sympathy and support. 她博得同情和支持. not sustained

支持 support 读作:死坡特

【支持】单词:support短语:in support of以上是我的回答,希望对你有所帮助.

岁 suì 名 (年) year:岁出 annual expenditure 岁末 the end of the year 辞旧岁,迎新年 ring out the Old Year and ring in the New(书) (年成) year (for crops):丰岁 bumper harvest year; good year 歉岁 lean year 量 (表示年龄的单位) year (of age):3岁女孩儿 a three-year-old girl; a little girl of three years old 这匹马两岁口. This horse is two years old.

【prop up;support】∶支撑;撑住 支持阳台的柱子(2) 【sustain;holdout;bear】∶勉强维持支持门户(3) 【deal with】∶应付;打点 煤气还能支持两天(4) 【supply】∶供应 支持一路舟车之费(5) 【take in charge of】∶把持;主持 支持世界军控(6) 【assist;support】∶支援;赞同鼓励 彼此支持

语法标注解释 support英音:[s'p:t]美音:[s'port]

I am for you

each other英 [i:t (r] 美 [it r] v.(用作动词或介词的宾语)互相,彼此例句:They support each other in their work. 他们在工作中互相支持.

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