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答案是:表示最高级的句子中常常含有下列表示范围的词组:of +范围 或者是:in+范围 比如: he is the tallest boy in our class of all the subjects i like math best 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

1、Talented as he is,he is not yet ready to turn professional.别看他有天分,他还没把心用到专业上去.2.She is very talented.她很有才华.3.She is a talented musician as well as being a photographer.她不但

talented是形容词哦talent 是名词She is proud that both her children have a talent for music.她为自己的两个孩子都有音乐天赋感到自豪.Howard is a talented pianist.霍华德是一名有天赋的钢琴家.

Mozart was talented in music. Mozart had talent for music.

more talented

To the extent this world is a meritocracy, the most talented will be the movie star and the least talented will be hauling manure.

i am talented in in learning math i am talented in in playing football i am talented in in playing basketball

I am talented in playing basketball=I am good at playing basketball=I am expert in playing basketball(在这句中不是那么合适)但是be talented in = be good at = be exert in

being encouraged, he stood up and continued his work.受到了鼓励,他站起来继续工作

都错误,正确该是:Plan A has proved to be a failure.另,prove 不用于被动语态,如:The rumor proved true.这谣传结果是真的.

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