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用how long造句

How long have you stayed in Beijing?I have stayed in Beijing for 2 years.你在北京呆了多久?两年.How long will you stay there?你会在那住多久?How long does it take you to get here form your home?你家到这里你花了多少时间?How long 提问,用for+一段时间回答,此时,用现在完成时态

How long is it since they see each other,我们多久没见面了

-how often do you go to the cinema?-every weekend-how long have you lived in the uk?-for two years-how soon will the bus arrive?-in five minutes

How long is your hair?How long does it take to cut your hair?

1. how long will he be gone?那他去多久呢?2. how long do you expect to stay?您预计在此停留多久?3. Honey, how long is your vacation?亲爱的,你们放几天假?4. how long has he been missing?他失踪有多少时间了?5. It is an open

答案是:1. how long did you live here ? 2.how long does he spend walking to every day ?3.how far do you live from our school ? 4.how far is it from the library to the park ?5.how often do you run ?6.how often does Tom eat junk food ?~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~


how long: 多久 很通常的习惯用语,造句可以很多: sentences: 1. how long will it take to get to your school? 到你学校需要多久? 2.how long have you been here? 你在这里多久了? 3. he can't recall how long it has been. 他回忆不起来多长时间了. 4.divid has has lived in wuhan for over four years. 戴维在武汉已经有4年多了. 改成疑问句又是一新句子: how long has divid lived in wuhan?戴维在武汉多久了?

1.How much is it?2.how about you?3.how often go to school?4.how many people are there in your family?5.how do you do?6.how far away this road?6.how are you?7.how old are you?8.how long have you been here?9.how long have you stay here?

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