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用A An填空的英语题

你好:3.I've got 【an】appointment this afternoon. I have been suffering from【a】 headache. And I haven't had any sleep for three days. I feel exhausted and can't go to work. So I want to see 【a】 doctor.4.【A】friend of mine invited me to

1、/,/,/2、a an the


a nose an eye a boy an ear an u a mouth a arm a foot a m a s

1,a 2,an 3,an 4,a 5,a 6,a 7,a 8,a 9,a 10,a 11,a 12,a

1. a / 2. the the a / 3. a the ,the 上文出现的用the,表示特指用the ,三餐前不用冠词.stay in bed 固定词组,第一次出现在文章中用a

<p>a</p><p>an, an</p><p>an, a</p><p>an</p><p>a</p><p>some</p><p>any, some</p><p>some</p><p>some</p><p>a, an</p><p> </p> <p>你好,同学,才看到你发来的求助题,所以才为你解答</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> 元音音素开头的

根据a 或者an 后面名词音标发音的首音素而定.如果单词的第一个音标是元音,用an;其他情况填a 即可.举个最简单的例子 apple 的第一个音标音素是元音【】所以前面的冠词填an; housewife 这个单词的音标首个音素是辅音【h】前面的冠词就应该用a.根据你提供的图片,第二题填错了哦,engineer的音标第一个音素是[i:] 应该填an 才对.第三题应该是a,第7题应该是an,第六题也错了,keyboard这个单词首音素是【k】应该填a.其他的题目你都填对了哦!加油!

1.That's a lovely hat.It's green.2.Is this an umbrella?3What's Jim's job?He's an office assistant.4.Michael Baker isn't a Sales Rep.5.My sister is an air hostess.6.Claire Taylor is

a a an a

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