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用A An thE填空英语题目

你好:3.I've got 【an】appointment this afternoon. I have been suffering from【a】 headache. And I haven't had any sleep for three days. I feel exhausted and can't go to work. So I want to see 【a】 doctor.4.【A】friend of mine invited me to

1、/,/,/2、a an the

1. a / 2. the the a / 3. a the ,the 上文出现的用the,表示特指用the ,三餐前不用冠词.stay in bed 固定词组,第一次出现在文章中用a

/ ,aanThe ,/the/ , athe , thea, the , a/, aan, a,The , thea, a, the,a

一,用a,an,the填空,不要填的写“/ ”.1.What does your father do?He's (an) artist.2.It's (a) rainy day.W can't see (the) sun in the sky.3.Mike is (an) English boy.He is in

1 a 2.the 3.a 4.a 5.a6a 7the 8a 9the 10a 11the 12the 祝学习进步

a an,the the the an a the the

1. Washington is ____the_________ capital of _______/_________ USA. 2. I saw This is _______an_________ egg. ______the__________ egg is big.7. Please give


1an the2the3an4an5the6the7a8the9an 10 the 10 thhe a 11 an 12 a the

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