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主格、 I am a student.宾格、The teacher asked me a question.形容词物主代词、My new bike is black.名词所有格 My father's norebook compuer is red.

主格做主语,放在陈述句句首 i am he has宾格作宾语,放在动词或者介词后面 help me look after them形容词性物主代词,必须加名词,例如 my name his book名词性无助代词=形容词性物主代词+名词 例如 it's mine theirs are new 不需要再加名词了.


我,我们,你,你们,他,她,它,他们 英语的主格,宾格,形容词物主代词,名词物主代词,反称词主格:I we you you he she it they 宾格:me us you you him her it them形容词性物主代词:my our your your his her its their名词性物主代词:mine ours yours yours his hers its theirs反身代词:myself ourselves yourself yourselves himself herself itself themthselves

hello! I myself am a Chinese boy! I often do my homework at home on weekends. When I felt tired, I can watch TV for a moment , sometimes I also can play computer games . Feeling bored, I will find partners to play with me together . On weekends ,

主格:我I,你/你们you,她she,他he,我him们we,他们they,它it 宾格:我me,你/你们you,她her,他him.我们us,他们them,它it 形容词性物主代词:我my,你/你们your,她her,他his,我们our,他们their,它its 名词性物主代词: 我mine,你/你们yours,她hers,他his,我们ours,他们theirs, 它its

主格 宾格 形容词性物主代词 名词性物主代词i me my mine

我们 你 他 她 他们 它 主格 I we you he she they it 宾格 me us you him her them it 形物代 my our your his her their its 名物代 mine ours yours his hers theirs its

主格 宾格 所有格(形容词性物主代词&名词性物主代词)I(我,作主语)me(我,作宾语)my(我的,后面加名词) mine(后不加名词)you(你,你们,作主语)you(你,你们作宾语)your(你,你们的,同上)yours(同上)she(她,做

我们自己 ourselves 物主代词:ourselves' 主格:we 宾格:us 形容词性物主代词:our 名词性物主代词:ours 采纳哦

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