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my daytoday is thursday, it is great that the weather is fine.今天是星期四,今天的天气非常好.when father and mother went back home, i was doing my homework.当爸爸妈妈回家的时候,我正在写作业.they gave me a big kiss and hugged me.他们亲吻了我并且拥抱了我.after we finish our dinner, father and me played chess.我们吃完饭之后,我和爸爸下棋.what a fantastic day!多么美好的一天呀!

My Neighborhood 「我的邻居」 第一篇: Having long been living in this alley, I know almost everyone here. It is, however, the housewives that I usually see in the daytime, the rest being either out working as family providers or away in school. All

My neighbour is an English teacher,and her English name is Kathy. She is kind and humorous. We are good friends. Every time I go to her home, she usually give me some candies and beautiful gifts. I love to talk to her very much. Her voice is

您好:good environment can make people feel happy and fit . to improve the environment means to improve our life. we should plant more trees and flowers around us . we shouldn't cut them down . we should stop factories from pouring waste

My neighbour Tom is my neighbour . We are not only neighbour but also we are classmates.He is outgoing and kindly to his neighbours. He is taller than me. He has curly golden hair. He is so handsome.Tom is good at math. He will help me when I

my parents and his parents have a deal to pick up us to school and back home in turn. i like to play with him, so does he. we also study in the same school. so we often help each other to finish homework. besidesmy neighbor my family has lived in

您好:好邻居 我们都邻国.好邻居胜过远亲.这是共同的,我们可能会与遇到困难.当我们好邻居,他们将永远来帮助您.邻国应该在与对方. 我的邻居,有一个女儿.我们是同龄,但我们不要 T研究在同一所学校.晚上我们总是一起做功

my favourite food is cake.because it is very delicious.although cake is very sweet,it looks very beautiful.on my birthday,my mother bought a cake for me.l'm very happy.there are some things on the cake.for example ,some fruit and some chocolate .l also like chocolate very much .cake is my favourite .

My family has lived in this uptown for a long time. We get along well with our neighbors. Living in the next door is also a family. They have a little boy, who is one year older than me. I like to play with him, so does he. We also study in the same school.

有翻译の 我和李龙飞是楼上楼下的邻居,也是好朋友.虽然他比我大一岁,但我们无话不谈,在一起总是玩得很开心.当然,再好的朋友也会有发生矛盾的时候.这不,前两天,因为一件很小的事情,我们闹别扭了.

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