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我怎样学会学习英语的.i 主语, learnt 过去式 谓语动词, to learn english 进一步修饰 learnt这个不及物动词. 最后how 对方式提问.

how ton learn englishWith the development of society, more and more important to people in English. But how to learn English too? Also OK everyone has his own views. I

Learning English takes time so if we want to learn it well, I learn english by reading more and practicing more.we should spend much time practicing using English every day. Besides, we should listen to the teacher and take notes carefully in class.

English is very important in our lives. We should do our best to learn English well. Maybe you will ask how to learn English well. I have some good methods that fit me best. Let me tell you. To

中考英语作文范文:How I learn English Hello, everyone. It is my honor to talk with all of you about how to learn English well . I like English very much . I always preview and master the main idea of the lesson before class. In class , I listen carefully ,

English is important for us in the modern world. So, how can we study it well?First, I think we should listen to the teacher carefully in class, it is also important to read english every day. Then, watch more English movies , it can improve your listening

Learn a lesson例句1.大家也只能希冀球队教练从中汲取教训.One can only pray that the team's manager learns something from it.柯林斯例句库2.有些人从他们自己引起的问题中汲取教训,并且变得更为强大.Some learn from the problems they

这几篇不错 参考参考哦吧 I have some difficulty in learning English. For example, I can't tell the difference between written English and spoken English. Sometimes I often make mistakes while speaking to others. Talking about English study,I

I have learned (how to be a good person)Today, when I was on the bus, I found a grandma who didn't have a seat. A beautiful sister just stood up and let the grandma sit. In the meanwhile, I was still wondering what I can do.Compared with that sister,

English is one of the most important subject in junior high so we should learn it well.Learning English just like learning other language, is hard work so we should spend lots of time on it every day. We should have good ways of learning English, such

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