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第一单元一.1.read 2.afternoon 3.name 二.B D D C 三.B D C A C B A B B D

一,1important 2letting of 3festivals 4radios 5seems 6 get,ready for 二,CDABB 三,1what,do,do 2who,goes .3how,often 4other,things 采纳哦

一:are are are Are aren't are be is are are Is are Is is 二;B C B A A 三:1 Is Miss Yang an English teacher?Yes,she is. 2 Kitty and Daniel aren't good friends. 3 My mother and l are from Beijing. 4 What is his name、 5 Is their school very beautiful


一、1-5aaccb 6-10addbd 11-15ccbad 二、16-20bcaca 21-25ddbbda三、26-30babbc 31-35cbdab四、which history buildings diaries library meeting playing togo todo him五46、show around47、a long way from 48、by bike 49、say hello to you 50、a few 六 、large hall volleyball history slim glasses pe ball hero 谢谢采纳



英语 课课练五年级下册U7答案(配译林版) 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 七年级下册数学课课通5~9页答案,求~~~~~~~ 我不求整本只要这些 答: 第四课时;一①∠ABC 内错 同位 同旁内 ②DE BC

去买已一本 采纳哦

二A ddbcaB bcabdheppening suddenly stange sandwichs searched called took surrprising larger 46 with their eyes open47 all over the world48asked for49 afirad of any more50 sat said of hisself六 usual heard around saw reaplisd carefully found inmeter weak picking望采纳打字很辛苦

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