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冠词A An thE的题目

首先是区分a和an,这个简单.名词的读音开始是元音就用an,如an egg,注意是读音不是拼写,如hour的读音开始就是元音,所以要用an而不是a.名词的读音开始不是元音就用a,如a dog,a cat等.关于the,首先唯一的肯定是用the,如the

1.an an a the 2.an the an an a 3.a a 4.a 5.a the a Some some 6.a The 用冠词a, an, the 或 some , any 填空, 如果不需要,则用 / 代替 1. Alice is ____ air-hostess. Her father is ____ en

1. Washington is ____the_________ capital of _______/_________ USA. 2. I saw This is _______an_________ egg. ______the__________ egg is big.7. Please give

一、选择正确的答案1.I am ___(a,an)student. 2.There is ____(a, an)elephant in the zoo.3.You are ____(a, an) good boy. 4.I have ____(a, an) orange.5.Miss Grant is ____( a,an )ugly teacher6.This is _____(a ,an)new book.7.Please take ____(a, an

a the a the a the the a the a the the 再看看别人怎么说的.

1. the2. a, the3. the, a4. an5. an


I saw 【a】boy walking across the street today.【The】boy was almost hit by 【a】car.【The】car was speeding.【A】policeman saw what happened. 【The】policeman stopped【the】car. He gave【the】driver of 【the 】 car 【a】ticket.【The 】ticket cost 【the 】driver 45 dollars.【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

1 a / 2 the the 3 a 4 A a 5 the the 6 a the

the the X the an X X a an

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