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Is it a lovely dog?Is she a lovely girl?Is he my father?Are they Lily's cousins?Are your classmates?Are you a doctor?Is there a bird in the tree?Are there many

1. He is watching TV.2. They are playing football.3. I like music.4. She often goes to the supermarket at weekend.5. They always have supper at 6 pm.6. His son is a student.7. They work for the company.8. We are fond of that kind of program.9. She

1. 含系动词be的一般疑问句的构成 具体地说,就是当陈述句中有am /is / are时,可直接将它们提至主语前,但如遇第一人称,最好将其置换成第二人称.如: I'm in

1 Is there a book on the desk .肯定回答:Yes ,there is.否定回答:No,there isn't.2 Are there some apples on the table 肯定回答:Yes ,there are.否定回答:No,there aren't.

一、陈述句:是用来陈述一件事情或表示一种看法,可分为肯定句和否定句两种形式. 1、谓语动词是be动词,助动词have, has, will,情态动词can等时,只要直接在这些词后面加not就构成否定形式. eg. Lily has already read this new book. (

关于第一个问题,因为这个地方的can已经不是情态动词啦,而是实义动词,表示能力,所以要借助do,但是该句又是一般现在时,主语是第三人称单数the boy,所以要改do 为does. 而第二个问题,我个人觉得你对这个句子的结构不了解才会犯

My pen is black. Is your pen black? My pen isn't black.Is the key yellow?The key isn't yellow.It's a pen.Is it a pen?It isn't a pen

否定句:the trees aren't green. 一般疑问句:are the trees green? 肯定回答:yes, they are. 否定回答: no, they aren't.

is english spoken by us every day? 一般的改一般疑问句方法是:一调二改三问号.被动句好像只需要 一调二问号就搞定了. 1.有多少学生被老师叫出去? 2.信撕开了吗? 3.他们已被建议每天跑步半小时? 4.谁被命令离开这个国家? 5.谁的眼

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